Queen’s Day – The Netherlands

Queen's Day

Inauguration King Willem-Alexander
Queen’s Day in Amsterdam is going to be very special this year! Queen Beatrix has announced that she will abdicate on April 30th. On the same day our new King, Willem-Alexander, will be inaugurated. The ceremonies for the inauguration will take place at the Royal Palace at Dam Square and the Nieuwe Kerk. In the evening our new King and his wife, Queen Maximá, will take a boat tour at the IJ. So, because of the inauguration of our new King, Queen’s Day is going to be even more party!
I used that straight from the internet – it seemed like a better explaination than I could come up with but I am betting that if you ask either big guy around here (that’s Herb and Pete) to tell you about Queen’s Day, you will get a much better color comentary on this event. I know it is a day off for all of the Netherlands, I know that orange is the color , and I know it is a party well worth attending. Because of Arnie, Maud, Pete and Herb, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Netherlands – at one time I thought I could actually speak (or understand) Dutch !! . It was only a delusion. Anyway, take a minute and wish Queen Beatrix a wonderful retirement, and take a glass of cheer (adult or otherwise) to the new King Willem-Alexander.

Veel geluk !!

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