Why do we ask you to evaluate our programs when they have been completed? To start with, it is a State requirement. No credit can be given for a class that you have not evaluated. That’s important but it really is not the most important reason for an evaluation. An evaluation “is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing and using information …to assess the worth of the program.”
In order to have a good evaluation process, you must have two parts or two types of questions. One type of question will address how the program was implemented. Where was the class held? Was the class room conducive to learning? Was the Instructor organized? Was the whiteboard or blackboard used effectively?
The second type of question will ask about changes that have happened because of the program. What skills and abilities have been developed as a result of this program? Can these skills and abilities be applied? There must be a clear method of evaluating both of these outcomes. Did you learn anything ?
So, when we ask you to evaluate a program that you have taken with us, we won’t be offended by negative but constructive remarks. These should be taken as an opportunity for us to improve. We won’t promise to turn the thermometer in the classroom to 75 degrees but if several people comment on the evaluation sheet that it is cold in the classroom, we might turn the heat up a few degrees. If more people are failing the airway skills than usual, we may review the instructor’s knowledge or skill set. Some changes are out of our control, like course content. Certain objectives must be met as dictated by the certifying body; but how they are presented, now that we have some control over.
So please, the next time you take a class, take a few minutes to write a thoughtful evaluation. You will be helping us and the next student to take the class.

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