Brain injury 2
The CDC released the result of a long term study on Traumatic Brain Injury. 1.7 million Americans are seen in the ED, hospitalized or died due to TBI. A TBI “is caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head”. TBI may cause “short or long-term consequences that affect thinking, perception, language or emotions and these consequences may not be readily apparent”. And it will be no surprise that the young and the old are those most affected by TBI. As medics, this is an emergency that we will deal with often whether at the time of the injury or in the aftermath days, weeks or years later. The NFL has been forced to confront the after-effects of brain injury received over years of playing “the game”. The Armed Forces are another area which has experienced a huge up-tick in combat related TMI. So add TBI to the long list of medical conditions that deserve more study and more aggressive treatment.

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